Indian shoe size chart for kids men and women ( 0 to 11 inches )

Indian shoe size chart conversion : Shoes nowadays are not just a fashion statement but have become a necessity. And with so many brands and types of shoes available, it’s always confusing to buy the best shoe of your choice. And even after that, if you are able to choose one, the moment you wear, doesn’t fit well. That’s the moment you realize that all your efforts are put in a vein. Thus, referring an Indian Shoe size chart is a must.

Indian shoe size chart

 The tremendous growth in e-commerce has made it easier for people to purchase the goods online and even gift anyone without much hassle. And shoes are one of the best items to gift anyone. But it can surely turn disaster if the gifted shoe size is doesn’t fits that person. To make things simple I have tried to clear all your doubts. So, let’s get started to see the shoe size chart i.e. U.S., UK, and India.

Indian shoe size chart from US or UK

Measuring Kids shoe size

Kids shoe size chart INDIA UK US
US Indian shoe size – Kids shoe size chart India, UK, US

While it is easy to measure the feet size of an adult, but the same should be done carefully for a kid. As we adults can determine what’s best fit for us but they can’t. So, before we jump directly on the Indian shoe size chart let’s cover this important part too.

Indian shoe size chart analysis for Children

How to measure your child’s shoe size

Traditional way

  • Take a white paper and place it parallel to a smooth surface.
  • Now place the feet of your child on that paper. Be careful that it is completely horizontal.
  • With the help of a Pen/Pencil draw an outline of their feet.
  • Repeat the same process with the other feet.
  • Now measure the outline with the help of a scale/tape,
  • Once you have measured the feet try to add 0.25 inches to that size and Holla ! you are good to go and buy the shoe.

Technical Way to measure Kid’s shoe size chart INDIA

  • Place your child’s feet horizontal to a wall.
  • With the help of a marker, mark the tip of the toe and end of the ankle.
  • Now with the help of the tape measure the length.

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Indian shoe size chart vs others

Shoe size chart i.e. U.S. , UK or India – what to choose ?

Well, different companies have different metrics to select the shoe size. But Indian foot size is basically provided in UK metrics. Although you just go through the size chart provided for reference which Country’s chart the product is following. Rest go through this article and you will be confident enough to know which size is best for you.


  • 1 cm = 0.39370079 inches

Indian shoe size chart for kids

AgeCMIndia/ UKUS Europe
6-9 months10.5 2319
9-12 months11.5 3420
12-15 months



15-18 months

1.5 -2 years14 6724
2 years157825
3 years15.58926
4 years 16.591027
5 years17.5 101128
5.5 years18.5111229
6 years19 12 1331
7 years2013133
7.5 years21 1234
8 years222335
9 years





Indian Shoe size for men – US to UK to INDIA

Indian shoe size chart for men
US, UK and Indian shoes size chart for men

Men’s shoe size starts just after the 9 years mark as shown in the above table-

CM Inch India/UK US Europe
23.59.2 55.538
24.1 9.5 66.5 39/40
24.8 9.7 7 7.541
25.7 10.1 8 8.5 42
26.7 10.5 9 9.5 43
27.3 10.7 10 10.5 44
28.3 11.1 11 11.5 45


  • 7 UK size in India = 9.7 Inch = 24.8 cm
  • 6 UK size in India = 9.5 inch = 24.1 cm

Indian shoe size for women

Indian shoe size for women
Indian shoe size for women

Indian shoe size for women too can be referred from the below table-

CM Inch India/UK US Europe
22.80 9 2 2.5 35
23.50 9.24 3 3.5 36
24.40 9.625 4 4.5 37
25.40 10 5 5.5 38
26.10 10.25 6 6.5 39
27.00 10.63 7 7.5 40
27.90 11 8 8.5 41

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From the above shoe sizes, we can observe that UK and Indian sizes are somewhat the same. Whereas the size of the US differs around 1 point for kids and 0.5 for Men and Women.

But again since we know that there is always a chance of error and all companies may have a different sets of conversion. So, it is always better to try the shoe brand before purchasing or gifting to someone.

  • Always purchase your footwear in the evening. There a scientific reason behind it. Since we all are active in the whole day, our feet get elongated., although you won’t be able to notice that evidently but it does.
  • Never wear shoes barefoot. Always use socks. Because they provide you a better understanding of shoes fitting.
  • If you are unable to find your perfect fit, jump on to some other brand as every brand has some sort of difference in measurement and more chances are they will fit correctly.

Please share this article if you find this article helpful. And comment below which which technique you choose for checking your shoes size.

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