Top shoe manufacturers in India

From basic necessity to style statement, shoes have come out to be the most important and integral part of one’s attire. And with so many options available in the market it’s tough to choose which one is best for you. So, to clear your confusion I have selected top shoe manufacturers in India.

            Till the last decade, the manufacturing of shoes was more traditional. I have discussed the history of shoes in India in my previous blog. Don’t forget to check that too. Now coming back, there has been tremendous growth in manufacturing sectors in the past two decades in India. This has helped the footwear industry to step up from a small scale to medium and large scale industry.

Thus. Many national and international brands have taken a keen interest in launching their products. These products are available in every price bracket and accordingly their quality differs a lot too . So, not judging by the price per quality ratio let’s get started.

Top shoe manufacturers in India-

Top shoe manufacturers in India


Until 1967 shoe manufacturing was taken as a small scale industry. But there was one exception and it’s Bata. Bata Shoe Company Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1931 and 1932 it started manufacturing shoes in Konnagar. Bata itself was established by Tomas Bata. It became the first shoe manufacturing company in India on such a large scale.

                    Later in 1973 soon after India realized that the shoe manufacturing sector to be a large scale industry, Bata went public in 1973. And thus Bata India Ltd came into existence. Please refer to the History of shoes in India for more comprehensive information.

It has now become the largest retail facility in India. The journey of Bata from oldest to largest retailer is historic and epic and the list of top shoe manufacturers in India wouldn’t have been completed without mentioning its name.

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        Top shoe manufacturers in India

From the PAL BOOT HOUSE in 1954 to becoming a Public Ltd company in 1986, Liberty has seen all in its journey. Liberty has been manufacturing leather and non-leather ( from 1993) footwear with huge demand and success.

                                      After the launch of it’s “Force 10” category of good quality budget shoes in ’90s, it became the second most best selling company just after BATA. Since the shoes were manufactured keeping mind the young generation, they became the priority choice for any buyer in that age group.

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   Top shoe manufacturers in India         

Paragon was established in the year 1975 in Kerala India. Soon due to it’s growing popularity, it started to expand in other states and became popular in even the subcontinents. Till now the footwear industry was largely based on leather, fabrics and rubber. But the Paragon started to use Poly-urethane, PVC , EVA and Thermoplastic Rubber soles.

                As Paragon Group of companies manufactured Thermoplastic rubber footwear, the cost of the shoes were much cheaper and  thus became popular among the middle class in India.

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       Top 10 shoe manufacturers in India

         Relaxo was  established by Mukund Lal Dua & Ramesh Kumar Dua in the year 1976. The company aimed at the middle-class economy and thus manufactured good quality cheaper footwear. It became so popular that it became a household name and every family had at least a pair of Relaxo footwear in the house.

                       Relaxo manufactures over 6 lack pair of footwear everyday as stated by themselves. And this figure speaks the volume in itself. How can they not make the list of Top shoe manufacturers in India.

And you may be surprised knowing the name some of their other product brands.

  • Flite
  • Sparx
  • Bahamas
  • Schoolmate

All these tier one brands come under Relaxo footwear.

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Top shoe manufacturers in India

                  Top shoe manufacturers in India

Action shoes or Synergy action group started manufacturing in the early ’80s. They were first to introduce the most popular type of shoes these days i.e. SPORTS SHOES in India. They became so popular that it was awarded “The National Award for Industrial Development” in 1986.

                   With catchy promotions and youth-oriented sports shoes, the company soon became one of the largest shoe manufacturers in India. It manufactures over 100000 pairs of shoes a day. Their other brands in footwear are-

  • Action
  • Campus
  • Dot com
  • Mausam
  • Milano
  • Synergy

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        woodland   Woodland is the subsidiary of Aero Group, Canada. But in the early 90’s the company decided to enter the Indian market. Traditionally Indian shoe market was based on hand made stitched shoes in small scale sectors. They noticed the same models and thus, they were the first company to launch hand-stitched leather shoes on mass commercial industry model. And steadily they captured the market and became one of the Top shoe manufacturers in India.

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          Top shoe manufacturers in India


  Established in the year 1982 as S.N. Footwear Industries Pvt Ltd. the company focused on the wholesale market. But soon they became popular and to woo their customer base they entered into the retailing in the year 1993.

                   Although “khadims” is not as popular as Bata , Liberty etc. but they are emerging as the top shoe manufacturers in India.

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Top shoe manufacturers in India

      which are the Top shoe manufacturers in India


  Mochi shoes were launched to cater to the youth following the trends and fashion. It is based in Bengaluru and operates in over 50 cities. From casuals to formal, MOCHI has it all and in recent years has been quite popular among the youngsters.

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      Top shoe manufacturers in India 2021

   Lancer footwear was founded in the year 1989 by Mr. Subhash Chander Gupta. The company not only aims the youth but the older generations too. The slippers, shoes, and sandals all are manufactured keeping in mind the age gap and usage. They have a very diverse price range and can accommodate any economy group lower, middle to the upper class.

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        Top shoe manufacturers in India in 2020


  They are one of the largest slipper and sports shoe manufacturers in India. Due to the low price and better quality they soon became a household name in the country. They manufacture over 55 million pairs of footwear in a humongous year.

                            In initial days they solely targeted the multi-brand retailers and were huge hits. And it has been over two decades that they are leading in the footwear industry in India which itself is a big achievement. Thus, they deserved to be in our list of “Top shoe manufacturers in India”.

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         The Indian shoe industry has an epic journey in making. Still, there is much to do as the footwear industry has a huge opportunity. Indian footwear still shares a huge percentage of traditional mending and retailing. And with foreign companies like Nike, Reebok/Adidas. Puma etc. tapping the Indian consumer base more should be done to encourage our country based manufacturers.

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