About Us

About Us- Hello and welcome to our happy feet tribe. I have a huge passion for footwear, especially shoes. And this interest has helped me gain a lot of information and knowledge about the footwear market in India. 

So, i have started this blog to share all relevant information on footwear/shoes which are somewhat much needed and sometimes not easily accessible.

About Us-

         Oh i forgot to introduce-

” I am Kunal. From Engineering in NIT to MBA from Xavier’s, i have now landed into the footwear industry. And working in the apparel industry, i learnt a lot and meanwhile a passion for collecting shoes also built inside me.”

Reason for building BUYBESTSHOES

  • While working in the industry i noticed that the market of footwear is huge and has just started evolving. 
  • Whenever a customer searches for shoes online, he is solely dependent on e-commerce websites. And there are very few websites who really provide relevant information about the products they need especially in shoes department. So, there should be a platform where a proper relevant information should be provided for required footwear especially shoes.
  • My goal is to build a strong tribe who are interested in footwear. As the industry is evolving, sharing information abut the quality and price will help others ( even us from your comments and feedback ) to gain the relevant and much needed guidance. After all we all share information and deciding what to do should be solely on the other person and their will.
  • Lastly i want to share all the knowledge, i gathered in recent years which could help others. And if i am able to help a single person, first stage of building this website will be satisfied.
  • I am open to all suggestions and feedback. Please leave your valuable comments too and let me know my mistakes too. After all every community grows with the help of others. 
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                  Just jump into the roller coaster ride of Shoes universe with me and you will be enlightened with quality content which even our tagline says- “Best you can get‘ .