White sneakers – shoes you must have

White sneakers – shoes you must haveGone are the days when shoes were meant to be only black. Now people don’t hesitate to go for funky colors and styles. And what can be said about the White sneakers which already have been in trends in almost every era.

White sneakers for men-

There has been a huge conflict regarding usage of white kicks for men. As they are often thought to be little carefree. Thus, carrying White shoes will be tough for them. But this too has turned a myth. 

Alike other color options, White sneakers look great on every man regardless of race or ethnicity. White sneaker shoes with high tops are designed to look masculine. 

                                      white sneakers India

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White sneaker shoes for women-

Women are more fascinated about White shoes. As it looks sober but classy. Also, white sneaker shoes often go well with almost every attire that may be casual or formal. 

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White sports running shoes/sneakers-

Sports shoes have always been my personal favorite apart from leather uppers. They are best for every casual occasion. Either you want a Gym shoe, or athletics shoe, white sports shows can cater your every need.                      

White shoes and Bollywood-    

Bollywood has a deep connection with the fashion industry. And the footwear industry is no exception. From boots, high heels, to white sneakers, Bollywood has carried them with class.

Who can forget the legendary actor Jitendra, who still wears only White shoes.

If you talk about the actresses, white has always been their favourite. Kareena Kapoor, to Shraddha and Alia, everyone loves their white pair of sneakers.

White shoes Bollywood


White sneakers actress Bollywood

White sneakers actors Bollywood

Why White Sneakers-

Do you remember the time when you were a child and your mother always said to buy a pair of white shoes? They are comfortable to wear. Also, they stay cool and dry all the time. It was only a matter of time before white shoes got a reputation as a fashion item.

There are plenty of pros and cons of wearing white shoes. Most people like to wear them because they have a certain air of elegance about them. Their colors can range from pink to cream and white has a pretty unique look.

We tend to feel more confident in a well-made shoe, especially ones that have a heavy use of leather and stitching. They are light-weight, more flexible and provide better grip. The fabrics used are often resistant to stains and dust, making them durable and last longer. They are also resistant to dirt and bacteria.

So there are advantages and disadvantages of white shoes. But then why do we still wear them? As with any other fashion, it’s a matter of personal preference. So which are the best types?

Most people opt for suede. This material is very soft and very breathable. It can be worn without socks and they’re light and comfortable. Wearing white shoes with suede jeans makes them look just like regular black suede.

The downside of suede is that it is sometimes scratchy. Also, it is more expensive than other types of suede. However, if you’re searching for an elegant alternative to suede, this might be the right one for you.

White leather shoes-

Another style of white shoes is leather. They are also very comfortable and they are considered to be good quality. They are also durable, making them ideal for long-term wear.

White suede leather shoes look beautiful on a woman, especially those who love to show off their legs. The weight of the material provides additional support and extra flexibility. They are the most fashionable, especially in summer and spring. This style is the type that has gotten the most press lately, so if you want to get your foot in the door, these are the ones to choose.

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Cotton-blend white shoes are also popular because they’re very comfortable and good looking. These can go with jeans or skirts, and look beautiful under dressy tops. If you go with solid colored pants, they look great underneath a black skirt or long tunic.

Today, white shoes are manufactured in more trendy styles. You can now find high heels with all kinds of designs. You can find formal shoes for formal events and for everyday wear, boots, pumps, and other simple yet elegant items.

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Whatever you decide to get, whether you get white shoes for formal wear or casual, make sure you choose a product that will last a long time and last all season long. A quality pair of white shoes that are made of quality materials will last for many years. Also, it is very important to know what’s your correct shoes size even before thinking to buy your favorite pair of shoes. 

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