7 Best Formal Shoes without Shoelace for Men India 2023-2024

It has been a long prenotion that formal shoes must be traditionally fastened with shoelaces. But time has changed, and so have the designs drastically. Nowadays, there are tons of options of formal shoes available both offline and online.

To keep things easy for you, in this article, I am presenting the 7 best formal Shoes without Shoelace for men available online. So, let’s get started !!

Top 7 Formal Shoes without Shoelace for Men Online

7 Best Formal Shoes without Shoelace for Men India
Top 7 Best Formal Shoes without Shoelace for Men India
Best Formal Shoes without Shoelace for Men India Online 2023-2024

1.) Red Tape Men’s Formal Shoes without Shoelace

  • Red Tape is known for manufacturing quality formal shoes.
  • These are Slip-On Shoes.
  • The Colour of the shoe is deep Black.
  • It incorporates a Round-toe design.
  • These pairs of shoes will match perfectly with almost all Formal Outfits.
  • The upper surface of the shoe is matte-textured, which gives it a traditional and classic formal look.
  • These are very lightweight shoes, and one can wear them for longer hours easily.
  • The material of the shoe feels good and durable.

2.) Hush Puppies Slip On Formal Shoes for Men

  • Hush Puppies is another big name in the Indian Formal shoe industry manufactured by the footwear giant BATA.
  • These Hush Puppies shoes are best suited for those looking for classic retro formal shoes.
  • This shoe has a closed-toe design.
  • The shoe width from sideways is medium type.
  •  Also, the shoe’s weight is mentioned at 500 g on the website, but it is very lightweight (I don’t know maybe the weight mentioned on the site is wrong ).
  • These are traditional shoes and go well with typical formal dresses. One should not expect fancy about them.

3.) Centrino Multi Occasion trendy Formal Shoes

  • If you are bored of wearing traditional formal shoes, these Centrino Shoes are just for you.
  • These are trendy formal shoes that are formal and can go perfectly with other outfits as well.
  • The outer material of the shoe is synthetic.
  • The front design of the shoe is closed and looks amazing.
  • Cona Footwear India Pvt Ltd has worked a lot on the quality of the shoe, which is very good and seems durable.
  • Go with the brown variant, which looks superb.

4.) Red Chief Formal Shoes for Men without Shoelaces

  • Red Chief is a widely known Indian formal shoe brand from Leayan Global Private Limited.
  • These pairs of shoes keep up the good name of Red Chief for the quality and comfort they deliver.
  • The design of the shoe is the traditional formal type with medium side width.
  • They are pretty lightweight and easy to carry for longer working hours.
  • Also, the manufacturer provides a warranty against manufacturing defects for upto 60 days which is great.
  • The inner sole is soft and provides good cushioning.

5.) Paragon traditional Men’s Formal Shoes without shoelace

  • Paragon shoes are one of the oldest footwear brands in India. The quality and comfort they produce deserve the name they acquire in the market.
  • These pairs of shoes live upto the name of paragon with a fine fit and finish.
  • The material of the shoe is synthetic.
  • Though the shoes are typically formal, they look quite stylish.
  • The company claims it to be resistant to wear and tear in normal usage, making this pair of shoes quite sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Special attention has been provided for comfort. Thus, the inner soling of the shoe is quite good.

6.) Lee Cooper Formal Shoes

  • Lee Cooper is a fashion retail brand that has a market base in over 105 countries. In India, they are manufactured under M&B Footwear (P) Ltd. from the year 1995. Thus, they work not just on shoes but the entire fashion apparel industry.
  • These pairs of shoes look very superior.
  • The quality of the shoe is above the mark, which makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • The shoe’s inner sole is very cozy and doesn’t make your feet tired even after wearing it for long working hours.
  • The weight of the shoe is well balanced and is on the lower side.
  • The shoe looks trendy and can be worn on special occasions as well.

7.) Louis Stitch Men’s Brown Slip-on Shoes Without Lace Shoes

  • If you are open to trying some less-known brands, look for these Brown Louis Stitch shoes.
  • Though available at a reasonable rate, these shoes are very durable and have pretty good quality.
  • The shoes are handmade; thus, they attain the essence of formal footwear’s pure and genuine nature.
  • The design of the shoe is elegant but stylish.
  • This pair of shoes can go well with the office as well as special party occasions.
  • The inner sole of the shoes is of thermo rubber, which is super soft and cozy. It also provides some extra cushioning for better posture while walking.
  • The base of the shoe is anti-slippage which makes it fit for better grip.
  • The fit and finish of the shoe are amazing.

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Best Formal Shoes without Shoelace for Men India
Top Best Formal Shoes without Shoelace for Men Online

Hope this article helps you out in finding the best formal shoes without shoelace for men.

According to me, both laces and formal shoes without laces are equally good for office and business environments. But if you are someone who craves comfort and ease of use, you should go with slip-on shoes.

They are easy to wear and easy to remove. Also, these days they come up with a great design and superb styling. So, we are never out of options.


Q.) What are the shoes without laces called?

A.) The shoes without laces are called SLIP ON Shoes.

Q.) Are shoes without laces formal?

A.) Yes ! gone are the days when formal shows were necessary to have laces. These days there are so many trendy formal shoes without shoelaces.

Q.) Are formal shoes without laces good for office ?

A.) Yes of course, formal shoes without laces are now considered good for office due their decent looks as well as ease in usage.

Q.) Are slip-on shoes professional?

A.) These days formal slip-on shoes are getting widely popular. So, yes slip-on shoes are professional and can be worn in offices and business meetings.

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