Top 5 Best Shoes for Bike Riding for Men

List of top best shoes for bike riding for men online– We Indians are not fond of wearing shoes while bike riding, but they provide better safety. Rural Indians are even more reluctant to adopt special attire just for driving. Riding a bike turns out to be even more fun and professional if one opts for shoes instead of slippers or sandals.

So, if you know the importance of shoes while riding a motorcycle, you must be thinking of buying a good pair of riding shoes. To keep things easy for you, in this article, I am presenting the 5 best shoes for bike riding you must consider before buying. So, let’s get started!!

List of Best Shoes for Bike Riding for Men Online

Best Shoes for Bike Riding you Must Consider Before Buying
Top 5 Best Shoes for Bike Riding for Men India
Best Formal Shoes without Shoelace for Men India Online 2021

1.) ORAZO shoes for Bike Riding for Men

  • These shoes are shin protected against loose, flying objects.
  • These are Slip-On Shoes.
  • The Colour of the shoe is deep Black.
  • It incorporates a Round-toe design.
  • These pairs of shoes will match perfectly with Jeans and funky Outfits.
  • The upper surface of the shoe is matte-textured, which gives it a traditional and classic look.
  • These are very comfortable shoes, and one can wear them for longer hours easily.
  • The material of the shoe feels good and durable.

2.) Unistar Men’s Bike Riding Boot

  • The sole of the shoe is Anti-slip and durable sole which let’s you bike and hike with easiness.
  • These pair of shoes are Oil, Stain And Water Resistant.
  • This shoe has a closed-toe design.
  • The shoe width from sideways is medium type.
  • Also, the shoe’s weight is mentioned at 500 g on the website, but it is very lightweight as compared to other hiking boots.
  • These Shoes are made with a special technology which ensures no foul odor.

3.) Allen Cooper Men’s Combat Boot for Bike riding

  • If you are bored of wearing traditional formal shoes, these Allen Cooper Shoes are just for you.
  • These are trendy shoes that can go perfectly with any causal outfit.
  • These shoes offer genuine leather at an affordable cost.
  • The front design of the shoe is closed and looks amazing.
  • Allen Cooper worked a lot on the quality of the shoe, which is very good and seems durable.
  • The base of the shoe is Anti slippage.

4.) Liberty Warrior Men’s canvas boots for bike

  • These Liberty boots are made up of breathable material which allows the air to circulate freely inside. Thus it eradicates any foul smell/odor.
  • These pairs of shoes are completely anti-skid which is great for bikers.
  • The design of the shoe is the traditional hiking canvas boot type with medium side width.
  • Although the weight of the pair of shoes is above above 1 kg, the balancing is such great that it feels pretty lightweight and they are easy to carry for longer working hours.
  • Also, these liberty warrior shoes are abrasion resistant making it an ideal choice for bike riders.
  • The inner sole is soft and provides good cushioning effect.

5.) LOUIS STITCH Men’s British Tan Handmade High Ankle Bikers Boots

  • These Stylish pair Chelsea Boots has European Design featuring .
  • These pairs of shoes live up to the name of paragon with a fine fit and finish.
  • The material of the shoe is synthetic.
  • Though the shoes are typically formal, they look quite stylish.
  • The company claims it to be resistant to wear and tear in normal usage, making this pair of shoes quite sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Special attention has been provided for comfort. Thus, the inner soling of the shoe is quite good.

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Why shoes for bike riding is necessary

1.) They provide an extra layer of safety to the rider’s feet.

2.) In case of friction loss, the whole weight of the rider and the bike is on the feet for balancing and safety from overturning. In such instances, Shoes provide better grip and weight distribution.

3.) Shoes provide a professional as well as funky look to the bike rider. For example, imagine wearing a Leather jacket with boots and riding a sports bike- Isn’t it awesome !!

4.) Slippers and sandals often tend to get stuck on the gear paddle, which can invite accidents. These types of incidents can be avoided by wearing a good pair of shoes.

5.) As an added benefit, shoes keep the feet clean and protected from dust, mud, and pollution as well.


In this article, we tried to present the 5 best shoes for bike riding. It is always better to opt for shoes while driving a bike for more safety and good feet support. There are tons of shoe options available in each price bracket. But always try to purchase the one with better grip to aid you in riding a bike more efficiently.

Happy Biking !!

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