Top 5 Best Shoes for Brisk Walking you Must Consider

List of Top 5 Best Men’s Shoes for Brisk Walking Online India-

In this fast pacing world, our lifestyle is getting sedentary. Due to this, the rate of people suffering from obesity and other health issues is growing exponentially. Although in recent years people are getting aware and have started promoting Yoga, Exercises, etc.

One of the best ways to keep yourself fit is to develop the habit of brisk walking every day. It not only helps in burning calories but also promotes good blood circulation in our bodies. Although walking doesn’t require any special gear or kit, one must choose good quality shoes for Brisk Walking.

So, if you know the importance of shoes for Morning Walk/Evening Walk, you must be thinking of buying a good pair of walking shoes. To keep things easy for you, in this article, I am presenting the Top 5 best shoes for Brisk Walking you must consider before buying in India. So, let’s get started !!

List of Best Shoes for Brisk Walking for Men Online

Top 5 Best Shoes for Brisk Walking for Men Online India
Top 5 Best Shoes for Brisk Walking for Men Online India
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1.) Puma Men’s Walking Shoes for Men

  • Puma shoes are superbly designed with soft soles.
  • These are Laced Shoes.
  • The Colour of the shoe is deep Black with Red stripes.
  • It incorporates a Round-toe design.
  • These pairs of shoes will match perfectly with Jeans and other funky Outfits.
  • The upper surface of the shoe has mesh textile material for better air circulation.
  • These are very comfortable shoes, and one can wear them for longer hours easily.
  • The material of the shoe is durable and seems premium.

2.) Skechers Men’s Walking Shoes

  • The lower surface of the shoe is Anti-slip.
  • They incorporate a durable and soft sole that lets your brisk walk with ease.
  • It has thick and elevated heels for better stability while walking.
  • This shoe has a closed-toe design.
  • The shoe width from sideways is medium type.
  • Also, the shoe’s weight is just 351 g. Thus they are very lightweight as compared to other shoes in this range.
  • These shoes have a padded heel collar which provides cushioning for better fitting and walking.

3.) Enjoy Men’s Mesh Sneakers for brisk walking India

  • If you are bored of wearing traditional walking shoes, these funky shoes are just for you.
  • These are trendy shoes that can go perfectly with any casual outfit.
  • The memory foam helps to distribute weight evenly and makes it fit for wearing for long hours.
  • The front design of the shoe is closed and looks amazing.
  • The quality of the shoe is very good and seems durable.
  • The base of the shoe offers good friction.

4.) ASIAN Men’s Walking Slip on Shoes

  • These Liberty boots are made up of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.
  • The upper material of these Asian Shoes is breathable, which allows the air to circulate freely inside. Thus it eradicates any foul smell/odor.
  • These pairs of shoes are completely anti-skid, which is great for Everyday Walkers.
  • Fastening of the shoes is Slip-On which makes it easy for wearing and removing.
  • Although the weight of the pair of shoes is above 500 grams, the balancing is such great that it feels pretty lightweight, and they are easy to carry for longer working hours.
  • These shoes are easily washable, so they are very easy to clean. This makes it even fit for the rainy season as well.
  • The inner sole is soft and provides a good cushioning effect.

5.) BATA Men’s Shoes for Brisk Walking

  • These Stylish pair of Bata shoes are completely hand made making them unique on their own.
  • These pairs of shoes live upto the name of BATA with a good fit and finish.
  • The inner material of the shoe is Phylon.
  • Though the shoes are typical Slip-Ons, they look quite stylish.
  • These Bata shoes are sturdy and durable.

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Why shoes for speedy walking is necessary

1.) They provide an extra layer of safety to the Walker’s feet.

2.) Shoes provide better grip and weight distribution.

3.) Shoes provide a professional as well as funky look to the Everyday Walker. This develops a sense of motivation for walking !!

4.) Slippers and sandals although are more lightweight, never offer the perfect weight balancing on both the feet.

5.) As an added benefit, shoes keep the feet clean and protected from dust, mud, and pollution as well.


In this article, we tried to present the 5 best shoes for brisk walking Online. It is always better to opt for shoes while while for better posture, weight balance and support. Though there are tons of shoes available online but always try to purchase the one with better grip soft sole for better walking experience.

Happy Walking !!

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