Top 5 lightest shoes Men must have in their Closet

List of Top 5 Best Men’s lightest Shoes for Walking, Jogging and Running Online India-

Walking and running are considered as some of the best exercises to keep yourself fit and healthy. One who incorporates such activities regularly in their routine reduces the chances of diabetes, obesity, cardiac issues etc., to a larger extent.

But since it is an essential daily routine, one must consider good pair of shoes which are lightweight, comfortable and that provides a good grip with the surface,

So, if you are considering taking on running and jogging daily, you must think of buying good quality lightest shoes. To keep things easy for you, in this article, I am presenting the Top 5 lightest shoes Men must have in their Closet in India in 2023-2024.

So, let’s get started !!

List of Best lightest Shoes for Walking and Running for Men Online

Top 5 lightest shoes Men must have in their Closet
Top 5 lightest shoes for Men Online India
Best lightest Shoes for Walking and Running for Men Online

1.) Adidas Men’s Lightest Shoes Online

  • Adidas shoes are superbly designed with soft Ethylene Vinyl Acetate soles.
  • This pair of shoes are stone grey Coloured with orange stripes, which looks very appealing.
  • They have Laced closure Fastening.
  • These pairs of shoes go pretty well with casual Outfits.
  • The upper surface of the shoe has synthetic mesh material for better air circulation.
  • These Adidas shoes have a Round-toe design.
  • These are very lightweight shoes. Thus one can wear them for longer hours.
  • Adidas shoes are known for their durable build.

2.) Skecher’s lightest shoes for Running

  • Skechers is one of the top shoe manufacturers known for manufacturing quality footwear.
  • These Skechers Shoes have soft memory foam inner soles.
  • The shoe has an Anti-slip / anti-skid base.
  • It has a comfortable base for better stability while walking.
  • This shoe has a closed-toe design.
  • These pair of Skecher shoes are manufactured through quality material that is highly flexible, breathable, with seamless.
  • It has been engineered smartly with a mesh design which makes it free from foul odour.
  • The weight of the shoes is approximately 200 g. Thus they are very lightweight as compared to other shoes in this range.
  • These pair of shoes have cushioned support for a better experience.

3.) Nike Men’s light weight shoes for walking and Running

  • Nike is considered one of the topmost Shoe manufacturers in the world.
  • These Nike shoes are made up of soft Vinyl Acetate.
  • The upper material of these Nike Shoes is breathable and odour free providing good air circulation.
  • These are trendy shoes that can go perfectly with any casual outfit.
  • The memory foam helps to distribute weight evenly and makes it fit for wearing for long hours.
  • The front design of the shoe is closed and looks fantastic.
  • The quality of this pair of Nike shoes justifies the brand and is durable.
  • The base of the shoe is anti-slip and provides a better grip.

4.) Sparx budget lightest shoes for Men

  • Sparx is the subsidiary of India’s topmost Shoe manufacturer Relaxo.
  • These shoes have Slip On Fastening Type, which makes them easy for wearing and removing.
  • These Sparx Shoes have a breathable mesh design, which allows the air to circulate freely inside. Thus it eradicates any foul smell/odour.
  • These pairs of shoes have a better friction base, which is excellent for Everyday Walkers.
  • The weight of the pair of shoes is approximately 400 grams. Thus it is pretty lightweight, and they are easy to wear for long working hours.
  • These shoes are washable and easy to clean.
  • The inner sole is pretty soft and incorporates good cushioning.

5.) Adidas Lite Men’s Running and Brisk Walking shoes

  • These Stylish pair of Adidas shoes are entirely hand made making them unique on their own.
  • These pairs of shoes have Lightweight textile upper material.
  • The inner material of the shoe is a Cloud foam midsole for step-in comfort.
  • This pair of shoes have a Lace-Up fastening style.
  • These Adidas shoes are pretty durable.
  • These shoes are super lightweight and weigh approximately 220 grams.

Also Read,

Why lightweight shoes / lightest shoes are necessary

Lightweight Shoes for Men
Why Lightweight Shoes are a necessity for workout ?

1.) They prove to be pretty comfortable wearing for a longer duration.

2.) These lightweight shoes have proper weight distribution.

3.) Lightweight Shoes doesn’t make the feet tired. This develops a sense of motivation for walking !!

4.) Slippers and sandals are lightweight too but they never offer the perfect weight balancing on both the feet shoes can.

5.) As an added benefit, lightweight shoes provide an extra layer of safety for longer duration cardio and workout.


In this article, we tried to present the Top 5 Men’s best lightest shoes for walking, jogging and running Online. One should always consider lightweight shoes as they are comfortable wearing for long hours working out. The pair of shoes should also provide better weight balance, grip and posture.

Happy workout !!

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