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Planning to buy shoes but confused from where, right. No worries. If you are searching “shoe stores near me” on google but still unable to find one, you have just landed at the right place. There are so many brands in the market and it is not easy to find the address of shoe stores of your choice in one place. One needs to search for different brand websites and find the store locator. It becomes irritating doing that again and again.

Also, many people in India still are not confident in buying from online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Either there are some trust issues or some type of hesitation related to shoe size. To make it simple and easy, links to all shoe outlet have been provided in this article.
So, let’s get started.

List of shoe stores near me

1.) Woodland

Shoe Stores Near Me
FIND Woodland Shoe Stores Near Me

Woodland has been one of the leading leather shoe company in India. They are the pioneer of stitched shoe manufacturers on large scale industries in India. And the best thing about woodland shoes is style and durability. Don’t trust me, just ask someone who owns one. You will be bored wearing them, they are so good in durability ( LOL !!).

Visit Woodland Shoe stores near me .

2.) NIKE shoe stores near me

Nike stores near me
Nike Shoe Stores

NIKE is one of the most famous shoes brand worldwide. Their shoes are premium and of high quality. Also, in the sports shoe segment, only a few competitors can match the standards of NIKE. Even the AIR JORDAN SHOES, which are the world’s top-selling shoes are manufactured by NIKE.

Reach out NIKE shoe shops near me.

3.) BATA

Bata Shoe Stores Near Me
Bata Shoe Stores

No one needs any introduction of BATA shoes in India. They are the largest manufacturing and selling shoes in India. With such high selling figures and popularity, it is obvious that they must be having the largest number of shoe stores in India.

Find the BATA shoe Stores near me.


liberty shoes
Liberty Shoe Stores Near Me

The second-largest shoe manufacturer of India is LIBERTY FOOTWEAR. They are high in demand and have a huge number of stores across Indian cities. Their most selling shoes are the “Force” edition.

Reach out for LIBERTY shoe stores .

5.) ADIDAS Shoe stores

find adidas stores near me
Adidas Shoe Stores Near Me

ADIDAS has been a huge name in the shoe industry of India. People trust their products due to their good quality and longevity.

Link to reach the store-

Find ADIDAS shoe shops near me.

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6.) RELAXO Shoes

relaxo shoes
Relaxo Shoe Stores Near Me

Relaxo footwear is the most familiar name in every house in India. Almost every house has a product from Relaxo may that be even slippers. Its subsidiary brands like SPARX, SCHOOLMATE, etc. have made their name grow bigger and better.

Search for RELAXO shoe shops near me.


Shoe Stores Near Me
Khadim’s Shoe Stores Near Me

Khadims too have made their presence felt in the Indian footwear market. The real reason behind that being the price categorization and budget approach in marketing.

Address of Khadims shoe shops/store near me.

8.) FILA shoe stores near me 

find fila shoe stores near me
Fila Shoe Stores Near Me

Fila shoes have great demand in the Indian Market. They provide good premium shoes. The quality of the shoes is very good.

Address of FILA Shoe outlets.


mochi shoes
MOCHI Shoe Stores Near Me

If you are looking for trendy sneakers, MOCHI shoes have a good collection of them. Although they provide a lot more variety in other footwear categories too. But personally, I don’t like the price to product ratio of their shoes. But still, they do have a lot of options in each segment i.e. formal, casual, etc.

Address of MOCHI shoe shops/stores near me.

10.) PUMA

shoe stores near me
PUMA Shoe Stores Near Me

PUMA has a great craze among the youth in India. The reason behind their immense success in the shoe industry is the quality and variety they offer at each price point.

Find PUMA shoe shops/stores near me.


metro shoes
METRO Shoe Stores Near Me

METRO shoes too have their reach in almost every part of the country. And if you are looking for good formal shoes, you will be amazed to see the variety at its store. Although RED CHIEF serves as a better option, METRO shoes too can be considered good for OXFORD, DERBY shoes, etc.

Know the address of METRO shoe stores near me.


Action shoes
Action Shoes

Action shoes have a long presence in the shoe industry in India. ACTION, CAMPUS, DOT COM, etc. are all the subsidiary branches of ACTION FOOTWEAR. This itself proves their market. They are quite famous in sub price categories. And they are the first choice for an average Indian for the School shoe segment.

Find the Address of ACTION shoes stores/shops near me.


Several top shoe brands like Lotto, Lee Cooper, etc. don’t have store locator options on their websites. They do sell on dedicated stores and are mostly sold in Multi Brand Shoe outlets.

Also, with the growing presence of e-commerce websites like Myntra, Amazon, etc. some companies are opting for online stores. But before buying from online portals it is advised to know your correct feet size and comfort.

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