Shoelace styles for formal shoes/Sports shoes

Shoe lace styles :Either you have a meeting, social gathering, going for an interview or stepping into a marriage function, a good pair of formal shoes is what you need the most. Because the dressing is something that comes out organic, but selecting a good pair of shoes and a classy watch is a must. And the design of shoelace styles used, enhances the shoes’s look.  

              And when we talk about shoes, formal shoes are the most used shoes for adults from my perspective as people knowingly or unknowingly wear it the most for longer hours.

Types of shoelace styles/fastening of formal shoes for men

  1. Laced shoes
  2. Slip-On shoes
  3. Monk Shoes

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Types of Formal shoes

Laced shoes

Shoes lace design for leather shoes
Shoes lace design for leather shoes

               These are the most traditional formal shoes. People love them as do we. They have laces on the top surface to tighten the grip. Thus, it provides a very mature look and also seems very sober.

Laced formal shoes are evergreen shoes and are always in trend. 

Types of laced formal shoes-

  1. Oxford Shoes
  2. Derby Shoes
  3. Brogue shoes

Slip-On formal shoes

Slip On Shoes
Slip On shoes

               Slip-on shoes are the most comfortable formal shoes. As the name suggests they don’t have any lace pattern nor they need to be fastened for tightening. Thus, wearing and removing them is easiest and hassle-free. And you don’t need to even worry about the grip or fitting at all.

Types of Slip-On formal shoes-

  1. Moccasins
  2. Loafers
  3. Boat shoes

Monk formal shoes

             These shoes are way different than previous two. They have straps/buckles on their surface. Thus, fitting is through fastening these straps. The straps may be wither in sideways or on the top of the shoes.

Types of Monk shoes-

  1. Single strap formal shoes.
  2. Double strap formal shoes.

Shoelace Styles/Patterns of formal shoes

Shoelace Styles

1.) Straight Lacing

Shoelace styles - Straight Lacing
Straight Lacing

                         While this is the most simple lacing pattern, but it is also the most formal looking. Just start from the top end and insert the lace from one and insert the other end of the lace simultaneously. While you need to cross the end to fasten, do that in the inner side. And at last, the look must be as shown below.

2.) Cross Lacing

Cross lacing shoe styles
Cross Lacing Shoe lace styles for formal shoes


           Cross lacing is the most used lacing pattern as it is the simplest to tie and fix. Grab one end of the lace and move from one hole to the opposite hole. Just that simple. You will get the result as below. Thus, this lacing pattern is the easiest to attain and works well in offices, colleges, and schools too.

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           The fastening of the shoe is an important feature and can not be neglected at all. A proper shoelace styled shoe can enhance your look a lot and can help you build up an impression on someone you meet.

After all shoes reflect your personality. Although one must not, but people practically judge you by the shoes you wear. And your Shoelace styles show how professional you are. This, becomes more important if you are about to attend an interview. Interviews have a proper dressing code and shoes are one the most important aspect. And not just interviews even while working in an office one must have a proper shoes.

Although Slip-On shoes and monk shoes are comfortable. But if you want a perfect traditional formal look, always opt for laced shoes. They look elegant and classy and are perfect for formal office meetings or social gatherings.

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