Best High Heel Shoes for Men with Short Height

Although no one should be, It’s a harsh reality that people often lack confidence, and their personality doesn’t come out effectively if they have below-average height. 

But If you are one of those short height guys in your social circle, this same factor plays an even vital role. But that’s not something that should make you feel inferior at all.

There are many methods to overcome this situation where you can enhance your looks and personality.

But the most crucial hack to look taller is to have perfect high heel shoes for Men.

These heels are nowhere like the heels in ladies footwear, and they should never resemble them as well.

The real task in front of us is to select a good pair of high heel shoes that could match men’s attire perfectly and shouldn’t look odd at all. So, without further ado, let’s check out the 5 best high heel Shoes for Men to boost their personality.

List of Best High Heel Shoes for Men

1.) Bacca Bucci High Heel sports shoes for men

Best shoes with heels for men by Puma
Best shoes with heels for men by Puma

Key Points

  • The material of the shoe is very good and durable.
  • The company claims it to be wear-resistant and shock-resistant. As per our findings, yes, the shoes are shock resistant. About wear-resistant, we will update it after a few months of usage.
  • Although the shoe’s sole is thickened from both back and front for increasing height, there is no compromise on design. You won’t notice anything odd. It looks pretty trendy and goes well with almost every casual dress.
  • Proper provision for adequate air breathability is present for avoiding the situation of foul smell and excessive sweating.
  • These high heel casual shoes for men are best suited for outings and even for running and moderate exercise.
  • And yes, of course, they don’t feel heavy so you can wear them for longer hours.

2.) Puma men’s shoes with heels height

Puma High Heels shoes for men
Puma High Heels shoes for men

Key Points

  • Well, Puma has been a known name to Indian consumers for manufacturing quality shoes. These shoes have the same durability and sturdiness.
  • Although they might seem to you as regular sports shoes, the company smartly thickens the sole, which one doesn’t even recognize when looking at them. The heel seems relatively flat.
  • They are fit for running and casual workouts.
  • These shoes are pretty stylish, and the colour pattern is appealing.
  • Since the upper part of the shoe comprises a mesh design, it helps in proper air circulation. So, one doesn’t feel uncomfortable even after wearing it for longer hours.

3.) Woodland high heel shoes for men

high heel shoes for men+woodland
High heel shoes for men+woodland

Key Points

  • I don’t remember how often I have repeated that these are perhaps the most durable shoes I have ever seen. It has been more than seven years, but the pair of shoes are still the same as day one (Just a little dust accumulation and nothing else).
  • Suppose your prime interest is to increase your height and look tall without compromising on your stud looks. The design is just fantastic, and literally no one will point out your increased height.
  • These shoes are perfect for almost every casual dress, Jeans, T-shirts etc.
  • But there are two drawbacks: since the shoes are very heavy, you cannot use them for running and also the sole tends to get slippery in the rain ( at least I have felt that ).
  • The Shoe quality is just amazing, and you will get bored after wearing it for years, but it won’t develop any wear and tear at all.

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4.) Formal Height increasing shoes for men from Hush Puppies

Formal Height increasing shoes for men from Advick
Formal Height increasing shoes for men from Hush Puppies

Key Points

  • The biggest challenge among the heightened short guys is looking professional and carrying a decent personality with confidence. And in general, formal shoes have flat soles, which don’t help at all.
  • These Advice shoes have quite enhanced soles, which don’t look odd at all.
  • These shoes go pretty well with suits, jackets, Simple Shirts and Pants etc. thus, giving a very professional look.
  • The cushioning of the shoes is very comfortable and can be worn for long office hours.
  • But again, I must also include that mens shoes with heels height develop linings at the front face.

5.) RedChief boots for men for increasing height

RedChief boots for men for increasing height
RedChief boots for men for increasing height

Key Points

  • These Redchief shoes are pretty stylish and trendy.
  • The base sole is quite thick and works excellent in increasing the height.
  • Since these are high ankle lace up casual styles shoes, they are quite sturdy but heavy too. So, it is well suited for outings and cannot be used for running, exercise etc. 
  • The fitting of the shoe is excellent.
  • They go well with casual outfits with sunglasses.

How to increase height in regular shoes

Well, if you don’t want to buy an extra pair of shoes to look tall, there is one smart trick as well. You can go with elevated shoe insoles ( hidden heels ). They are also available for people having Orthotics and nerve complications in the feet and knee.

I will try to cover these shoe insoles in some other article in detail as they are entirely worth it.


high heels sneakers for men
High heels sneakers for men

One should never feel low just because of average or short height. Confidence and personality can be enhanced following several tips –

  1. Wearing Long-sleeve Shirts.
  2. Always wearing shirts Tucked in.
  3. Your clothes should be rightly sized, and never opt for even one size larger.
  4. Wear light shaded clothes. etc,
  5. It would be best always to choose shorter fitting jackets (don’t confuse it with smaller size ).
  6. Avoid carrying long hair. Short hairs and a well-groomed face will enhance your look.
  7. Try to add extra accessories like a cap, hat, Sunglasses, cuffs, pocket square etc., which will automatically lock in the viewer’s eyes on your upper body.

Apart from wearing elevated shoes or insoles, keep these above points checklist, and you will never feel left out in the crowd, and these things will boost your confidence to a whole new level.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q.) Can guys wear high heel boots?

A.) Of course men too wear high heel boots. But the heels are not vertically pointed. The base sole must be evenly enhanced in width.

Q.) What is the most comfortable high heel shoe brand?

A.) In general Woodland, Bacca Bucci, Puma, etc. manufacture good quality high heel shoes for men.

Q.) Why are high heeled shoes not recommended?

A.) High Heeled shoes are not recommended in the case when the heels are inappropriately increased and can cause pain in feet and knees if worn for longer duration.

Q.) How do men buy heels?

A.) There are several online e-commerce stores where you can opt for high heel shoes for men. If you are not comfortable with online shopping, you can always visit any footwear store to buy them.

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