Best Orthopedic Chappals for ladies | Ortho slippers for ladies

With the growing age, women often develop bone and nerves related issues. Very much the lifestyle is to be blamed for such problems.

Not just the aged, but these days even younger ladies develop such ankle, knee and muscle worn outs, which can cause serious medical issues in the longer term and should be taken care of at the earliest.

The best way to relax your lower limb and provide a better walking posture is to use Orthopedic slippers for daily uses. So in this article, let’s find out the best Orthopedic Chappals for ladies which would help them stay mobile and pain-free.

List of Best Orthopedic Chappals for ladies | Orthopedic slippers

1.) Doctor Extra Ortho Slippers

Doctor Extra Ortho Slippers for ladies
Doctor Extra Ortho Slippers for ladies


  • The sole of the slipper is lab tested for best comfort.
  • The base of the chappal is very soft. Also, it has a zigzag pattern that doesn’t let them slip and makes the grip of the chappals intact.
  • It is an ideal buy for Diabetic ladies as it has been equipped with an extra padded foot base keeping away the chance of bone abrasion, cramps, etc.
  • Due to the above property, these are also recommended by Doctors and Podiatrists for Orthopaedic, Cracked heels and obesity issues.


  • The finishing and styling of the slippers may seem untrendy.
  • It takes a few minutes for the water to get completely dry.

2.) BATA Ortho Slippers for women

Bata orthopedic chappals for ladies
Bata orthopedic chappals for ladies


  • BATA- The name itself is enough to ensure the quality of the slippers.
  • The sole of the slippers is soft and comfortable.
  • This slipper is anti- slippage. Neither the base nor the upside of the slipper tends to slip in water. Thus, it can be used in the home/bathroom without any worry.
  • Priced very genuinely.
  • These are very lightweight.


  • The straps of the slippers are old fashioned and less thick.

3.) Ortho+ Slippers of Ladies

Ortho+ Slippers of Ladies
Ortho+ Slippers of Ladies


  • Specially designed for the heel-pain and foot-related issues.
  • An extra layer of cushioning has been incorporated in these slippers for comfort.
  • These slippers are incredibly Lightweight and very easy to carry all day long.
  • Best suited for the ladies who have diabetes as it prevents them from any injuries due to closed, tight-fitting and hard surfaces.


  • Since the sole is super soft, someone weighing on a higher side may feel the base is getting flattered after a duration.

4.) Doctor extra soft Slipper for Women

DOCTOR EXTRA Orthopedics Chappals for ladies
DOCTOR EXTRA Orthopedics Chappals for ladies


  • These are engineered for both ladies suffering from diabetic or orthopaedic complexities.
  • The base sole is extremely soft and padded, which makes walking super comfortable.
  • They are lightweight.
  • These doctor extra ortho slippers are skid-free. Thus, they provide an excellent grip. 
  • USP of these slippers is that the Doctors and Podiatrists often recommend them for Diabetic, obese and ortho problems.
  • The material used is skin-friendly and doesn’t cause any reaction like Blisters, Scars etc.


  • The cost may seem to be on the higher side.
  • The straps are not that thick. Thus, it may tend to lose or break as per the usage.

5.) Doctor Extra Orthopedic Chappals for ladies

Orthopedic Chappals for ladies Ortho slippers for ladies
Orthopedic Chappals for ladies Ortho slippers for ladies


  • These slippers also withstand Doctor Extra’s brand value with the comfort and quality they offer.
  • These slippers are also skin-friendly and anti-skid.
  • It is exceptionally lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy at all.
  • Though the above list of slippers is very much catering to household usage, this very chappal can be used for outside usage.
  • It has by far one of the most elegant and pretty designs on this whole list.
  • Ladies having complications of diabetes, knee/feet pain, Ortho Pain, Heel Pain, Arch Pain would find it highly comfortable.


  • Though the design is quite attractive, the price should have been a little lower.

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Best Ortho Slippers for ladies
Ortho Slippers for ladies can be used by both old and young ones

Although this list of Best Orthopedic Chappals for ladies has been made for women with orthopaedic, diabetes, heel pain, arch pain, and other complexities, it is always advised to wear soft and well-balanced slippers.

Women are more prone to attract joint pains, ankle pain, lower limb issues or any issues related to bones and nerves.

So whatever the age may be, every woman should try to wear ortho slippers.

Maintaining a good posture while walking helps maintain physical health and keeps away any further chance of developing such ortho issues in the near future.

Are Orthopedic slippers only for old people ?

No, these slippers are fit for every age group. Infact, these are recommended by the doctors as well.

Are Orthopedic Slippers good for ladies suffering from diabetes ?

These Ortho Slippers are manufactured especially keeping in mind of the people suffering from diabetes. Thus, they are safeguarded against any feet related injuries.

Does Ortho slippers help in joint pain ?

Yes, these slippers have extra cushion to avoid any jerk while walking. Thus, they are bet options for anyone having frequent joint or lower limb pain.

Why are Orthopedic chappals getting popular among the ladies ?

Orthopedic slippers in general are very soft, lightweight and extra padded. So, they are very comfortable to wear and walk. Hence, nowadays these slippers are getting quite popular among the masses.

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