Leather shoes for men in India: Types, manufacturing, Pros/Cons

Leather shoes for men are the epitome of formal shoes. May that be an office meeting, a social gathering, or a marriage, these shoes blend in every scenario in the best way possible. An over the top, they provide the most classy look than any other type of shoes in my opinion. 

History of shoes In India

HIstory of shoes in India
History of Shoes

India has been a rich civilization and the advancement in basic needs i.e. food, Shelter and clothing had been processed from the long ancient era ( not even counting the Indus Valley Civilization ).

But due to the spiritual and religious belief the footwear materials used, were limited to wood, grass, metal, wool, etc. ( Khadau’s have been the most popular of them all ).

Near around 300 B.C. to 400 B.C., when the spiritual and commercial trade started and the footwear materials too started getting evolved. And in due course Mongols, Afghans and Mughals popularized the use of Leather as the prime footwear material. And thus, the leather shoes became widely popular.  Read this article If want to know the detailed history of shoes in India.

How to identify real leather shoes

1.) Look at the surface of the shoe

leather shoes for men in India
Finding best Leather shoes for men in India

             If you see that there is quite an unevenness or any type of imperfection on the surface, it may a good sign. As the real leather does have pores and unevenness at the surface.

2.) Holding and pressing the shoe

leather shoes for men in India
identifying a pair of good Leather shoes

           The synthetic shoes/plastic shoe has a certain rigidity to their making. And they tend to regain their structure quickly. But on the other hand these shoes will tend to be bent, or show some creasing to them.

3.) Color check of the pure leather

           Leather shoes have the property that if you bend it, it’s color seems to change. But after it regains its position, the color too is retained. The synthetic/plastic shoes, on the other hand, are the opposite. They will retain the color till the yielding point and after that no color retention is possible.

Don’t mistake this with coloring and polishing. As fake one’s too can have that leathery finish.

4.) Water test on the shoes

Water test for leather shoes
Best Leather shoes for Men in India

         Synthetic/plastic material tends to resist the water. On the other hand, leather has the property to absorb it. Thus if the water is spilled on the leather shoes, you will feel it’s surface to have some moisture.

5.) Company labeling ( easiest way to find )

While most of the manufacturing companies will let you know how genuine these shoes are which they are manufacturing. Some companies even mark 100 % genuine leather shoes over their Shoe commercial/box. And due to the growing awareness and strict rules, companies must mention the material type and usage percentage. Thus, it is quite easy to know which one is made up of genuine leather.

Types of leather shoes

best leather shoes for men
Types of leather shoes for men

Formal Leather shoes-

  1. Oxford shoes
  2. Derby shoes
  3. Brogues shoes
  4. Monk shoes

Casual Leather shoes-

  1. Boots
  2. Leather sneakers
  3. Monk shoes
  4. Boat shoes
  5. Loafers

Do check our article on types of shoes men must have for detailed information.

Top Leather shoes manufacturing companies in India

            The list provides below is random and all companies may be better than others on in different price range and quality type.

  • BATA

              Do let me know in the comment section which one’s your favorite brand and also if there’s one missing which should have made the list.

My personal favorite is Blackberry for formal ( Buy On Amazon )and Woodland for Casual Leather shoes ( Buy on Amazon ). 

Best leather shoes for Men

           Leather shoes provide the class and perfect styling to the men. Whatever may be the clothing , these shoes blend well with all of them. 

Top 5 leather shoes for men

1.)   Louis Philippe Men’s Derby Shoes

Louis Philippe shoes for men
Best Derby Shoes for Men


If you have that budget, you must have a look at these Shoes. They are classy, stylish, one of the most comfortable and can never go out of trend. The fitting is just perfect.

2.)   Red Chief Chelsea shoes/Boots

Red CHief boots
Red Chief Chelsea shoes/Boots


Red Chief has made a huge fan base in the Indian market for their formal shoes. And thus, this shoe glorifies the same about the brand. If you want a shoe which could look great in both formals and Jeans, these leather Chelsea boots are surely a good option.

The fit and finish of these boots/shoes are just superb. They are lightweight and you won’t feel any discomfort even if you wear them for long hours. 

3.)   Blackberry Men’s Formal Shoes

Blackberry Shoes
Blackberry Leather shoes for Men in India


Blackberry Men’s leather shoes are one of my favorites. The fit and finish they provide are just stupendous. They are trendy as well as provides the best manly classy look. These shoes can be used for both offices as well as marriage/cultural functions. They blend well with suits/tuxedo, Kurta-Pajama, and even the Sherwanis. 

4.)   Hush Puppies Zampa Crust Men’s Shoes

hush puppies
Hush Puppies Zampa Crust Men’s Leather Shoes

Hush Puppies have been manufacturing the quality shoes and have marked their presence in the market for good reasons. The quality of these shoes is too good and the design is just unique and non resisting. These leather shoes look too stylish and they fit just perfect. And they are very lightweight too. So, carrying them is just effortless.

5.)   Woodland Leather Shoes/Boots 

Woodland is known for quality Leather Men’s Shoes in India


One of the most durable shoes I have ever used is this one. From the quality to fit and finish, everything is just awesome. These shoes will make you believe how sturdy can the leather shoes be. If you like to wear Jeans, these shoes are the perfect match for you. 

But the drawback is that these shoes are heavyweight. But apart from that, no one can deny its superb quality.

In later articles, I will try to provide top/best shoes under different price bracket. Also if you are looking for budget shoes then please check my article on the best shoes under Rs. 500.

Advantages of Leather shoes

1.) Can be cleaned easily

             Leather shoes can be cleaned easily than any other mess, cotton, other fabric material shoes. Just use a dry brush to remove the topmost dust. And then with little moist cloth wash the surface gently and you can regain your shining shoe.

2.) Most comfortable and lightweight in wearing

Due to their lightweight and perfect fitting, leather shoes are the most comfortable shoes to wear. Don’t believe me, just wear other shoe side by side and you will notice the difference.

3.) Airy/Breathable in nature

        Since the leather shoes have pores, the shoes are airy and the feet can breathe well. Thus, they are well suited to wear for long hours.

4.) Foul odor repellent

Since they are airy and breathable, there is less chance for the feet to catch the bad odor. This makes it fit to wear in socio-public places.

5.)They are durable

Leather shoes have the property to bind their fibers. Due to this, they are very much durable and last longer. And thus they might be costly while purchasing, but if you consider other shoes and longevity, leather shoes beat them with a huge margin.

6.) Nature-friendly

Leather shoes are biodegradable and cannot be said the same for plastic or rubber shoes. Thus their aging and disposable doesn’t harm the environment at all. Thus, they are quite nature-friendly.

7.) Trendy and stylish

Almost every shoe has a distinct consumer base. But I think that leather shoes have an edge over others if we talk of designing and styles. You can see vast variety in designs let that be Derby, to oxford, to the monk, to boots. etc. And the best part is that they look good on everyone whatever the age group or work profile be.

Disadvantages of leather shoes

1.) They are Costly on the initial front

While they do age-long, but initially the leather shoes burn your pocket. Genuine leather shoes have a higher price tag than other shoe types. Thus, for the quality and style, you need to pay more.

2.) Easily damaged with cuts and imprints

Leather is not a rigid material. Thus, it is prone to cuts and tearing with simple metal contacts. Thus there should be caution with such incidents.

3.) Easily damaged with more exposure to water

Though leather shoes can be cleaned with a damp cloth larger exposure to water can damage them permanently. So it is better to be cautioned for this too.

4.) Prone to shrink and stretch

The leather itself as a material has the property to stretched in summer and shrink in winter. Thus, leather shoes too have somewhat the same nature. Although with modern manufacturing techniques it is tried to lessen it as much as possible. But don’t worry that won’t be to the extent that you feel uncomfortable. 



     Leather shoes have been one of the oldest but still, the most trendy shoe people opt for. The quality and durability which they provide are top-notch. Whether you opt for formal shoes or casual, they stand out in the crowd between other material shoes.

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