Shoes Vs Slippers: Which one’s your favorite

Shoes vs slippers: The fight of supremacy between shoes vs slippers is historic. And there is a long ending debate on which one is better footwear- shoes or slippers. So, let’s compare them both and try to understand it with facts.


Slippers are the footwear with top surface open and with straps/fastenings. Thus, one needs to just slip the feet inside the straps to wear them.


Shoes, on the other hand, have covered the top surface. And they have generally the laces/fastenings for tightening the fit. Although nowadays SLIP On shoes have become a new trend.

Which one is the best between Shoes Vs Slippers

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Advantages of Slippers

Shoes VS Slippers
Shoes Vs Slippers- Slippers are light.
  • They are lightweight.
  • Slippers are the easiest of all footwear in terms of wearing them.
  • They are easy to carry.
  • One can store slippers quite easily and acquires a lot less space.
  • They are the best wear for summers and Monsoons.
  • Slippers are the best footwear for beaches or near water bodies.
  • They look funky and comes with a lot of designs nowadays.

Advantages of Shoes

Shoes VS Slippers
Shoes Vs Slippers- which one’s your favorite
  • Shoes are classy.
  • They are best for formals and office environment.
  • Either you are up for social gatherings or party functions, Shoes are my best bet.
  • Although shoes traditionally were meant for the winter season only due to advancement in its make material, they can be used in any weather conditions.
  • If you are up for driving, shoes must be used for safety purposes.
    Interested in trekking, hiking, Adventure at Jungles, etc. shoes cover all that you need.
  • There are so many varieties of shoes available in the market. From sports shoes, formal shoes, to monk shoes and many more. Thus, there are a lot many options available in shoes for you to choose from.

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Drawbacks of Slippers

  • While slippers are easy to wear, the grip and fit are not up to the level of shoes.
  • Slippers are not fit for driving at all.
  • Slippers are a big no for winters.
  • If you are an office employee, slippers don’t provide a formal look at all.
  • The quality of slippers is not as good as that of shoes ( although the price gap is also there ).

Drawbacks of Shoes

Shoes may lead to the foul smell of wearing for longer duration.
They can even lead to fungal infections if used in wet conditions.
Some people can develop blisters too.
Since shoes are covered form all around, our feet don’t get ample air to breathe. Thus, can cause skin-related issues like itching, etc.

Which one to choose- Shoes or Slippers

Shoes Vs Slippers – If you are someone who lives in an office/corporate environment, you must opt for shoes only.
Slippers are best for daily household needs and at home. But still, if you are up for vacations, exploring beaches, gardens, and all those kinds of stuff slippers will provide more comfort.
One you need a better impression on others should always opt for shoes. A good pair of shoes provides a better classy and trendy look.


If I have to conclude in simple words, slippers should be used for indoors and in outdoor vacations. Whereas Shoes are fit for official, social or party gatherings. And one cannot compare them altogether is somewhat not justifiable as they both have different usage and caters different types of people and the environment.

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