Best Plastic Shoe Rack with Door Online

Either you moved into a new house, or your previous furniture turned old, the most important thing you look to buy first is a shoe rack.

Yes, we all love shoes, but no one wants them to be floating here and there on the floor. That is the most untidy visual inside a well-groomed house. So, one always looks for a neatly designed plastic shoe rack with door which solves all the above concerns.

Why buy a plastic shoe rack with a door rather than a wooden one?

There are so many reasons behind it !!

  • Plastic shoe racks are easy to maintain.
  • They don’t require much cleaning and dusting as compared to the wooden ones.
  • Plastic shoe racks are easy to install.
  • They are lightweight, and some can even be disassembled completely. This makes it easy for them to shift from one place to another or even one house to another.
  • Last but not least, it is way CHEAPER than the wooden shoe rack.

Top Best plastic shoe rack with door to buy Online

Now, if you are convinced from above why you should go with a plastic shoe rack, let’s look into our top picks of the best plastic shoe rack with door to buy online.

1.) Plastic 5 Layers Portable Folding Shoe Rack from AYSIS


If you are someone who wants a full-fledged, easily customizing shoe, AYSIS shoe racks are the perfect bet for you.

Why should you buy AYSIS Plastic Shoe Rack?

  • One of the best multipurpose, customizable shoe racks available online. Not just shoes, but one can also store many products such as kid’s toys, untidy clothes, etc., in this shoe rack.
  • It has 5 layers, and each layer can be detached or attached according to the need.
  • It provides massive storage space due to its multilayered design.
  • It has a very unique look and design. Thus, it can be kept outside as well as inside the entrance gate.
  • Because of the make, i.e., from plastic and rustproof material, it is pretty easy to clean.
  • It is also quite durable.

Limitations of these shoe racks

  • It needs a proper assembly; else gets dismantled easily if it gets hit.
  • Although the company claims the metal fastenings to be rustproof, it does need proper drying care if exposed to water.
  • No wheels to move it from one place to another without disassembling it. Although that’s not a big issue because it’s lightweight but can still be a consideration factor for some people !!

2.) Nilkamal Plastic shoe rack with door

Nilkamal Plastic Shoe Rack with door
Nilkamal Plastic Shoe Rack with door

No list of furniture is complete without Nilkamal products. Nilkamal earns a respectable place in the furniture department, and Plastic shoe racks are no different.

Nilkamal has a wide range of shoe racks, and one of the best among them is this sturdy plastic shoe rack with door.

Why should you buy a Nilkamal Plastic shoe rack with door?

  • Most well-balanced and well-spaced shoe racks available online for smaller families.
  • Approximately 10 to 12 pairs of shoes can be stored in this Plastic Shoe Rack.
  • Side air vents are provided for better air circulation.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Because of its sturdy quality, It can be kept outside even exposed to sun or rain. There won’t be any damage to the shoe rack even at extreme environmental exposure.
  • The design of this shoe rack is quite simple yet appealing.
  • One can keep small flower pots and showpieces at the top of the shoe rack to make it look even better.
  • Last but not least, Nilkamal products are – MADE IN INDIA.

Limitation of Nilkamal Plastic Shoe Rack

  • Not fit for larger families.
  • Requires patience to assemble the product, much like every product on the list.

3.) Plastic shoe rack with door lock from Cello Novelty

Cello Plastic Shoe Rack with door Lock
Cello Plastic Shoe Rack with door Lock

There are very few good-quality plastic shoe rack options with locks available online. But Cello has something extraordinary to offer. Cello is a well-known brand in India and is known for building sturdy products, and so is this shoe rack.

Why should you buy this Cello Plastic shoe rack?

  • Cello Plastic shoe rack comes up with Multilayered 6 rows cabinets. Thus, one can store around 25 to 30 pairs of shoes. So, it is one of the best shoe racks for families.
  • The doors of this shoe rack can be locked, which makes it a perfect fit for houses with small kids. Also, it helps prevent dust from setting on the footwear from the surroundings.
  • No issues of rusting or splashes. It can be cleaned easily, and of course, it is washable.
  • It is lightweight due to the making material, i.e., plastic. But the plastic is quite sturdy and durable.
  • Although it has doors, it is provided with vents to expel the foul odor from the shoes and socks.
  • The product is made in India.

Limitation of these shoe racks

  • Requires assembly and can be tedious for some. It takes around 20 -30 minutes to assemble it completely.

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It took us a considerable time to filter the Top 3 plastic shoe rack with door among the infinite product options available online. Finally, this list of plastic shoe racks covers all the family’s basic needs ( small and large ).

However, whichever shoe rack you buy online, a few points must be considered-

  • The shoe rack must have air vents.
  • Always place Naphthalene balls inside those shoe racks for repelling insects and home lizards.
  • Shoe racks must have doors to prevent the settling of dust on the shoes and other footwear.
  • The design should be good enough to keep it inside the entrance for some aforesaid circumstances.

Hope this article serves the purpose. Let us know which one suits your need the most !!

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