Air Jordan XX9 Shoes

If you are Michael Jordan’s fan or a fan of high-quality shoes , you must be knowing about the Air Jordan XX9 shoes. Michael Jordan is a professional basketball player and played for 15 tournaments. In which six championships were won with the team CHICAGO BULLS. Currently, he is the owner of Charlotte Hornets of NBA.

Air Jordan XX9 Shoes
Air Jordan XX9 Shoes

He is even termed as the best Basketball player of all time. And why am I giving his brief description, just to elaborate that if his name is associated with any product that’s huge in itself.

               Way back in 1984, Nike manufactured a premium shoe and named it after Jordan. It was “ AIR JORDAN 1”. These shoes were designed by Peter Moore, Bruce Kilgore and Tinker Hatfield. The shoes made huge news and became a subsidiary brand in itself for Nike.

Air Jordan XX9

Air Jordan XX9 Shoes
Air Jordan XX9 Shoes


      Coming back to our product, Air Jordan XX9 shoes were designed by Hatfield. The shoes were released in late 2014. This was the 29th edition of the shoe. The quality of shoes was notch up. And still, it is considered one of the best quality shoes. And it lived up to the hype it created for its release.

               The XX9 shoe edition was manufactured in both elephant print and high tech knit weave process. It took more than 2 years just to design the shoes thus checks all the points in design and comfort.

Nike released two editions of these shoes. One is a lower version and the other being regular. Nike’s Air Jordan series is the most popular shoes in the world. These basketball shoes became so popular that it is being sold in above 650 countries

Cost of Air Jordan XX9 Shoes

                                  XX9 shoes costs around Rs. 12000 in INR . Although the price is not constant always and even differs from store to store and website to website. So, a thorough search on common websites should be done before the purchase. Since, these shoes are not manufactured in India, thus their availability on Indian E-commerce websites is not guaranteed always.

Where to buy Air Jordan XX9 shoes in India

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Air Jordan XX9 Shoes

India has emerged as one of the biggest markets for global brands and NIKE is no different. Nike shoes are one of the most popular brands in India. And Jordan XX9 shoes are one of the favorites.

They are available on many multi-brand stores and NIKE outlets.

They can also be purchased directly from the online e-commerce companies like-

My personal recommendation to buy these shoes would be from Amazon, Flipkart or other e-commerce websites as you can find better deals. After all while buying a product one must look for discounts, but again check the authenticity and product quality as well.


India has so many players in the shoes industry. Every brand has something different to offer. And being a underdeveloped nation, price factor is the most determining feature for buying any product. Thus, very few people opt for such a classy product. But saying all that, this shoe is something which one must have if their budget allows.

Air Jordan XX9 Shoes
Air Jordan XX9 Shoes


             XX9 basketball shoes have been in trend for so long and there is a reason for that. The shoes hold the quality of NIKE and the trust of Jordan. And if you haven’t tried one, you must. The difference is felt the moment you put your feet inside them. They are trendy, comfortable and classy.

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